Vik - Drum Student (adult)

They say “YOU CANT TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS”, Sam Durham can!.
I’m in my late sixties and decided to learn how to play the drums, so I went on the internet to find a drum teacher, and found Durham Drums, which offered your first half hour tuition for free, what did I have to lose.
After my first lesson I realised it wasn’t a case of what did I have to lose, but more look what I have to gain, apart from being an extremely accomplished drummer Sam has the gift of teaching and enthusing the art of drumming which he is passionate about, all of that and he’s a very nice bloke as well.
So whether your six or sixty, and want to know what hamburgers, ice cream, and pizza has to do with drumming, book your free half hour with Sam and find out, it will fascinate you.
So this Old Dog, says thank you Sam, and keep on teaching me those new tricks

Sharon - Mother of Drum Student 

My 10 year old son looks forward to the lessons every week and has a renewed enthusiasm for drumming.

Sam makes the lessons fun and interesting, tailoring his approach to get the very best out of my son.

As a result, my son’s drumming has improved in leaps and bounds and he has an increased level of confidence.

Sam is kind, friendly and patient and has a very gentle manner. It is clear he has a passion for music and drumming, which he is able to share with his students. 

I would highly recommend him as a drum teacher to people of any age!

Charlie - Drum Student (adult)

Sam is absolutely incredible!

I used to play the drums when I was younger and my teacher was very stern and took the fun away.

However, Sam brings that enthusiasm and passion with him into every lesson! (Helps that he is genuinely great at the drums as well!)

If you’re looking to become a master or just doing it as a hobby, I highly recommend him!

He will not disappoint and you are definitely going to improve on your drumming skills in no time!

A huge thank you to Sam! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Sarah - Drum Student (adult)

I've been learning drums with Sam for 5 months.

Initially I just wanted to acquire a skill to help me as a music teacher and I definitely wasn't expecting it to be so much fun!

It is one of the best hobbies I've ever taken up.

Sam is inspiring , encouraging and patient and he is an excellent teacher.

Nigel - Drum Student (adult)

I'm a keyboard player in cover bands and decided to have a couple of drum lessons to improve my musicality.

Thanks to Sam, I'm now on my fifth lesson and addicted! He skips the traditional, monotonous learning techniques in favour of a more "let's get playing" mentality - which makes the lessons fun and progressive.

He's also a very likeable guy with an extensive music knowledge which is invaluable for tribute or cover work.

I look forward to every lesson and thanks to his relentless encouragement I always leave feeling a genuine sense of achievement.

If you've always fancied a bash, do not hesitate and book a lesson.

Farah - singer for the151s

Sam is a natural.
He is a phenomenally talented drummer, able to pick things up really quickly.
He works well with band members and really completes the sound.
He lives and breathes his drums and it really shows in the finished product - live or recorded.
I have recorded jazz, rock and pop tracks with him and was thrilled with the finished tracks.
Look forward to working with you again soon Sam.

Hannah Paris - Top 10 iTunes Country Artist

Sam’s a real pleasure to work with. He learns all my song quickly and delivers a great performance every time. Sam is a total pro and anyone who is lucky enough to work with him will feel reassured that he is in control, firmly, in the driving seat.

Lewis White - bassist

Over the years I have worked with Sam in several different musical situations and each time has been a joy.
Sam will effortlessly adapt to any given musical situation from the hardest riff soaked rock to the most delicate up-tempo jazz.
Sam also possesses an arsenal of hand percussion and cajon skills that are the perfect addition to your project.
One of the pleasures of working with Sam is his display of deep understanding of not only his own instrument, but the instruments around him and how an ensemble works.
It's hugely refreshing to work with a drummer that can communicate musical ideas on the fly and Sam is able to improvise ideas with ease.
Great reader, Great guy and a true musician.

Henry Green - Session Bass Player 

Sam is a solid, reliable drummer, with flair and an eye for detail. Experienced and driven, Sam can turn his hand to any genre, making life a lot easier for us low enders!

Sam is also approachable, fun and remains calm under pressure, proving both an asset within the studio and in a live situation.

Tim Hand - singer

Have performed with Sam many times, he is an excellent drummer.
Often he's come in to play with no practice and he always spot on, improvising his own beats a lot of the time.
Sam is very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Leonardo Ehgartner - drummer

Great Musician and great personality! Solid groove and style.

A pleasure to have worked with and sharing stage!

You have a lot of music to give and talent!

All the best my good friend in this beautiful career!

Matt Smith - guitarist

Not only a 5* musician but he's also a 5* fella. Its been great playing with Sam and I look forward to doing so in the future!
Durham Drums will always be my go to guy!

Jake Priestley - Guitarist

There are many reasons why I love to work with Sam. His ability to tap into any musical scenario is effortless and his communication both on stage and at rehearsals also come very natural to him. Great consistent player with a lot of passion!

Robin Wilson - guitarist

Love playing with Sam - he's got a great groove, is comfortable in a number of styles, is very professional and he's fun to work with.

Sophie Simonds - singer songwriter

Sam is a really excellent drummer, and a pleasure to work with.